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Writers Need a Mentor

June 14, 2012

Writing is often a solitary endeavor.  We spend countless hours with only a computer as our friend as we stare at blank space in the silence.  Of course, it’s easier to interact with others thanks to the internet, but often we spend more time lurking than communicating.  We read others’ posts and shake our heads in agreement but we never come away from the shadows of anonymity.

To grow as a writer, we must learn from those who have beaten down the path before us.  While we can do that by reading articles and books on writing, we learn best by interaction with others.  This can come in the form of mentoring.

On Hubpages, I wrote an article about mentoring that describes the benefits.  I also provide some guidance on how to find a mentor and how to approach them.  I received a comment about how hard it is for writers to approach someone to be their mentor.  That commenter was correct.  How about we writers put our names out there to new writers and let them know we are willing to be their mentor? 

Could it be that we don’t think we are qualified to be mentors?  We say that we haven’t been doing this long enough or we don’t make enough money to guide someone else.  Or how about “I’m only a part-time writer”? 

The truth is that if you are making money and getting published or getting clients, you have some knowledge to impart to new writers who are struggling.  They may surpass you and move on to more experienced mentors, but you may be the catalyst to their success.

If you need proof that you have something to offer new writers, make a list of everything you have accomplished in the writing world.  It can be a seminar or class you’ve taken or an article you’ve written.  Write down what you have learned as a writer and you will see how much knowledge you can give to someone else.

Giving back feels good, and inspiring a new writer can fuel your own writing goals.  It can also help remind you why you wanted to be a writer in the first place.  So take the time to inspire others; it just might come back around to you.


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