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Getting to the Next Level

July 30, 2012

I’m entering a contest to win a one-year membership in the Freelance Writer’s Den and so that is the subject of this post.  For those not familiar with FWD, it is a membership site dedicated to writers.  Carol Tice, founder and Den Mother, also writes a blog for Make a Living Writing, which I have been following. 


To celebrate the Den’s one-year anniversary they are having a contest to win a year’s membership and other resources.  For this contest, we are supposed to tell how we would use these resources in our writing career. 


To answer the question of this contest and to let readers know why I am interested in this resource pack, I’ll tell you a little about my writing journey.  It is only a year long, so I almost share an anniversary with the Freelance Writer’s Den! 


During that year, I have learned how to make a steady income from my writing even though I still work a full-time job.  I currently have regular writing work and each month I see my income grow.  I am excited to see my dreams coming true to be a full-time writer and I know that is in the near future.


I could not be where I am today without resources such as the Make a Living Writing blog that has given me tips, advice, and pointers to improve my writing and my business.  My goal is to not only be a writer, but a business owner of a full media company that helps businesses grow with online and offline marketing.  To reach this goal, I need to learn more about many aspects of writing.


That is where this writer’s resource pack comes in.  The year in the Den alone would help me immensely to grow as a business woman as I interact with other writers and learn from them and the guest speakers and classes that are included.  The classes and other resources that are part of this prize would help me expand my writing into new areas.  Right now, I’m writing articles and blog posts for clients, but I would like to design websites and do other types of writing in the future. 


My ultimate goal is to have my own business providing full media services for clients with a staff to work with.  To get to that level, I have a lot more to learn and resources like the Freelance Writer’s Den will help me reach my goals.


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